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A young company that returns to and manages classic traditional crafts

Premium products for You and Your Best Friend. Handmade with care and consideration – a lifestyle to live for!

Retrieve of Sweden, a young Swedish company that returns to and manages classic traditional crafts! Every product is designed with consideration though we work with 100% organic material in the majority of our products and we care – the whole process – for the material we use in our products so they will last for a long time. We work with ethical preferences though our motto is “With care and consideration – a lifestyle to live for”.

Our design is formed classic with focus on durability, function, quality and style with influenses from the equine sport and equipment, therefor timeless.

We only use Swedish vegetable tanned leather of premium quality in our products where we know that the animals are handled in Swedish standard and law. The leather we use in Collar and Leashes coming from Tärnsjö Tannery who are one of the finest tanneries in the world and they are of course envirment certified. The leather we use to details and padding is reindeer and comes from Kero Leather 80 km north of the Polar circle in Sweden and they are of course also a non-toxic preperation tannery.

Nice to know – the leather we use comes from animals that have a good life until the day comes for natural reason. We taking care of the whole leather piece and have a minimum waste.

Our design becomes our product with the help of a real saddler on an island on the west coast of Sweden. With the saddle maker’s knowledge and craftsmanship, our products become a lifelong dear friend to your best friend.

Sewn by hand with the finest linen thread from Sajou, Versailles France  and sealed with beeswax from a local beekeeper on an island on the west coast of Sweden.

The rings and other metal details are made of Zink Alloy, which is a strong, corrosion-free and allergy resistant material from an environmentally friendly producer. The same goes for the martingale chains which are made of stainless steel.

Our Retriever leash are made of Paracord rope and made by the producer in USA, the ropes are in nylon and the colors will not run or bleed and they are UV, rot, mildew resistent.

Retrieve of Swedens products are packed in the included cotton bag which is of course environmentally friendly cotton.

We hope you will be delighted by the products from us!