RofS HILDA STT 18 Tracking Collar Black


For training, work, competition or just posh!

Dress up like the Swedish National Tracking Team 2018!



RofS Hilda STT 2018 – Handmade with Care and Consideration.

Hilda Swedish Tracking Team Collar 2018. Developed together with Hildas owner Karin Björck, one of Swedens most experienced in tracking; as a judge, competitor and tracking injured animals in wildlife accidents. Karin and Hilda are also tracking dogs, who for some reason are lost from their owners.

The Hilda STT 2018 collar has embossed leather in the front and the padding is coated with the softest leather from Reindeer. Good to know – the range between the holes for the buckle is 10 cm and it is 5 holes on every collar. We only use Swedish vegetable tanned leather in our products where we know that the animals are handled in Swedish standard and law. Sewn by hand with the finest linen thread from Sajou in Versailles, France and Barbour Ireland. The rings and other metal details are made of Zink Alloy, which is a strong, corrosion-free and allergy resistant material. RofS Hilda STT 2018 is packed in the included cotton bag which is of course environmentally friendly cotton.

Swedish vegetable tanned leather from one of the finest tannerys in the world – Tärnsjö Garveri

Sizes neck 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 cm (measurement between the third hole and the buckle)

Widht 3 cm and 4 cm padding area

Comes in 3 colors; Black, Dark Chocolate and Cognac

Every Collar from Retrieve of Sweden has it’s own serialnumber


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Black, Chocolate, Cognac

Size Collar

40 CM, 45 CM, 50 CM, 55 CM, 60 CM, 65 CM