General Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

  1. Scope
  2. Conclusion of the contract
  3. Right to cancel
  4. Prices and payment terms
  5. Delivery and delivery terms
  6. Reservation of ownership
  7. Warranty
  8. Jurisdiction of the Court
  9. Alternative dispute resolution
  1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions of the Company Retrieve of Sweden AB shall apply to all agreements entered into between a consumer or a trader and Retrieve of Sweden AB regarding all goods and / or services presented in the Retrieve of Sweden AB online store. The inclusion of the customer’s own terms is contradicted, unless other terms have been set.

A consumer under these terms is a natural person who has entered into a legal transaction for an purpose not attributed either to a principal commercial or self-employed person. A trader under these terms is a natural or legal person or partnership with legal capacity exercising a commercial or self-employment when terminating a legal transaction.

Digital content under these terms and conditions is any data that is not on a specific medium produced in digital form and is provided by Retrieve of Sweden AB by granting certain usage rights as defined in these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Conclusion of the contract

Product descriptions in Retrieve of Sweden AB’s online store do not constitute binding offerings from Retrieve of Sweden AB and serve only the purpose of submitting a binding order from the customer.

The client can submit the order via the online order form integrated into Retrieve of Sweden AB’s online store. When the selected goods and / or services are placed in the virtual basket and undergo the ordering process by clicking the button that completes the ordering process, the customer leaves a legally binding contract for the goods and / or services contained in the cart. The customer can also submit his order to Retrieve of Sweden AB via e-mail, postal service or online contact form.

Retrieve of Sweden AB can accept Customer’s order within five days,

– By sending a written order confirmation or order confirmation in writing (fax or e-mail); If the customer has received order confirmation, it is crucial, or

– By delivering ordered goods to the customer; as long as the customer received goods, is crucial, or

– By requesting the customer to pay after he has completed his order

Provided that several of the above-mentioned options apply, the contract must be concluded when one of the above-mentioned options arises. If Retrieve of Sweden AB does not accept the customer’s offer within the above period, this shall be deemed to be a rejection of the order with the result that the Customer is no longer bound by his letter of intent.

Before the customer sends a binding order via Retrieve of Sweden AB online order form, the customer will recognize input errors by carefully reading the information displayed on the screen. The browser’s magnification feature to enlarge the screen on the screen can be an effective method for better identifying input errors.

The customer can correct all data entered through the regular keyboard and mouse function during the electronic ordering process until he clicks the button that completes the ordering process.

The Swedish and English languages are exclusively available for the conclusion of the contract.

Order processing and contact usually takes place via email and automated order handling. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the e-mail address that he specifies for the order processing is correct so that e-mail sent by Retrieve of Sweden AB can be obtained at this address. In particular, it is the responsibility of the Customer if SPAM filter is used to ensure that all e-mail sent by Retrieve of Sweden AB or by third parties ordered by Retrieve of Sweden AB with the order processing can be delivered.

Retrieve of Sweden AB have tried to accurately reproduce the colors in the website photography as similar as possible. Retrieve of Sweden AB can not guarantee that the actual product is the exact same color as perceived on your computer screen as it may vary from different computers, cell phones, ipads etc. Retrieve of Sweden AB reserves the right to end the sale and any price errors. To place an order in the webshop you must be at least 18 years old and not under guardianship.

  1. Right to Cancel

The consumer is entitled to cancel his order.

Detailed information about the right to cancel can be found in Retrieve of Sweden AB instructions for cancellation.

The right to cancel applies only to consumers who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union at the time of the end of the contract and whose exclusive residence and delivery address was in the European Union at the time of the conclusion of the agreement.

  1. Prices and payment terms

Unless otherwise stated in Retrieve of Sweden AB’s product description, prices quoted are total prices including statutory VAT. Delivery costs are to be stated separately in order, as delivery costs differ depending on where the customer is and which distributor is applied.

Payment is made by any of the methods mentioned in Retrieve of Sweden AB’s online store.

In case of delivery to countries outside the European Union, additional costs may occur in individual cases where Retrieve of Sweden AB is not responsible and which must be borne by the Customer. This includes, for example, transfer fees charged by banking institutions (transfer fees, exchange fees) or import duties or taxes (customs duties). The type of money transfer costs can also occur if delivery does not occur in a country outside the European Union but the customer makes payment from a country outside the European Union.

If advance payment by bank transfer has been agreed, the order amount will be paid immediately after the end of the contract, unless the parties have arranged a later due date.

The customer can currently choose Payson or Paypals payment solutions by credit card. Payson also provides direct bank transfer or invoice for Swedish customers.

If the payment method invoice is selected, Retrieve of Sweden AB assigns its payment request to the payment service provider. Before accepting Retrieve of Sweden AB’s mission statement, in this case, Payson executes a credit check using the transferred customer base. Retrieve of Sweden AB reserves the right to refuse the customer the “invoice” method of payment for a negative credit check. If the payment method “invoice” is accepted by Payson, the customer must pay the invoice amount to Payson within a delayed period of time after receipt of the goods, unless Payson specifies another payment period. In this case, you can only make payments with debt relief to Payson. When allocating claims, Retrieve of Sweden AB remains responsible for general customer inquiries, regarding the goods, delivery time, dispatch, returns, complaints, withdrawal declarations and shipments or credit notes. In addition, the general terms and conditions of use of the “Buy” payment method apply to an account with Payson.

About Payson Invoice
We offer the payment method “PaysonFaktura” in cooperation with Payson AB.

Payment terms are 14 days and at invoice purchase a fee of 30 kr.

In order to order an invoice, you must have reached the age of 18 and be registered in Sweden and approved by it credit test performed at the time of purchase. The invoice will be sent separately by e-mail to that e-mail address You enter at the date of purchase.

In case of late payment, we will send a payment reminder by law Reminder fee if currently SEK 60 is added. We also charge late payment by 2% per month from the due date of the invoice. If payment is not paid, the case will be filed with debt collection with statutory collection fee
if currently 180 kr is added.

Payson reserves the right to refuse delivery and review individually creditors creditworthiness.

Information about right of withdrawal
Under the Distribution and Home Sales Act, you as a consumer (this does not apply to companies) have the right to withdraw the agreement by notifying us within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In order for you to use your right of withdrawal, you must return the item in undamaged condition, in original packaging. When using the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for the return.

Information about mortgages
When paying with PaysonFaktura, the invoice is paid to Payson and then to SVEA EkonomiAB, 556489-2924.

Payment terms supplier

– Payson,

– Paypal,

  1. Delivery and delivery terms

Goods are usually delivered on the shipping route and to the delivery address specified by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed. During the processing of the transaction, the delivery address specified in Rof’s order handling is crucial.

If the assigned transport company returns the goods to Retrieve of Sweden AB, as delivery to the customer was not possible, the customer will bear the cost of the failed delivery. This does not apply if the Customer exercises his right to cancel the delivery if it can not be due to circumstances beyond Customer’s control or if it has temporarily been prevented from obtaining the offered service unless Retrieve of Sweden AB has informed the Customer about the service to be able to cancel in reasonable time in advance.

Personal pickup of delivered goods is not possible for logistic reasons. 

Uncollected items, items that are delivered by Postnord are retained at the local delivery office for 2 weeks. After this time the item will be returned to Retrieve of Sweden AB. The client will be charged for the shipping fees. Please keep in mind that you have to collect the item if you wish to use your right of withdrawal.

  1. Reservation of property rights

If Retrieve of Sweden AB supplies advance, the delivers ownership of the delivered goods until the purchase price paid is fully paid. Our trademarks include (amongst others) the Retrieve of Sweden name and logo. These trademarks may be used or registered in more than one country and your use of this web site does not grant you any rights to use our trademarks.

  1. Warranty

If the purchase item is inadequate, statutory provisions shall apply.

Deviating this, for consumers, the limitation period for warranty claims for second-hand goods shall be one year from delivery of goods to the customer. The abbreviation of the limitation period does not apply;

– For a product that was not used in accordance with its usual application in its execution and which caused the defective properties of the product

– for injuries arising from personal injury, body or health arising from deliberate or negligent breach of Retrieve of Sweden AB’s obligations, deliberate or negligent breach of the obligations of the legal representative or the authorized representative of the user

– for other damages arising from the intentional or grossly in violation of Retrieve of Sweden AB’s obligations, intentional or gross negligence of the obligations of the legal representative or the authorized representative of the user

– If Retrieve of Sweden AB has fraudulently hidden defect.

The client is asked to report obvious shipping damage to the freight forwarder and inform Retrieve of Sweden AB accordingly. If the Customer does not comply with this, this shall not affect his statutory or contractual claims on errors.

  1. Applicable law

The laws of Sweden’s laws shall apply to all legal relationships between the parties, with the exception of laws governing international purchasing of loose goods. For consumers, this choice of legislation applies only to the extent that the protection granted is not revoked by mandatory provisions of the country’s legislation in which the consumer is domiciled.

In addition, this applies to the choice of law on the right to cancel consumers who are not nationals of an EU Member State at the time of the end of the contract and whose exclusive residence and delivery address is located outside the European Union at the time of conclusion of the agreement.

  1. Jurisdiction of the Court

If the Customer is a businessman, a public legal person established in Sweden, Retrieve of Sweden AB operations shall be the sole jurisdiction of all legal disputes arising from this contract. If the Customer resides outside Sweden, Retrieve of Sweden AB’s operations shall have the exclusive right of all legal disputes arising from this contract, provided that the contract or claim in the agreement can be assigned to the client’s professional or commercial activities. In any event, Retrieve of Sweden AB may contact the court responsible for the customer’s seat.

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution

The European Commission provides the following link on its website on the ODR platform:

This platform is intended for external resolutions of disputes arising from online sales and service contracts concluded between consumers and traders.

Retrieve of Sweden AB is neither guilty nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before an alternative dispute settlement unit.