What about Leather

We only use Premium Quality vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri and Kero Leather

We use leather with respect

We use leather with respect and our products are made to last for a long time and should be taken care of. Why? There are many aspects and we have chosen to work with organic materials mostly or environmentally friendly manufacturing of non-organic materials. The leather we use for most of our products comes from Tärnsjö Garveri Sweden and the leather we use for details and padding comes from reindeer and Kero Leather 80km from the North Pole.


Tärnsjö Garveri – House of Leather

The art of vegetable tanned leather is thousands of years old. Since 1873 Tärnsjö Garveri has been using these time-tested methods. Industrialization has allowed tanneries to offer standard hides at lower prices and many tanneries have chosen that path. Tärnsjö Garveri have not. Why?

Because the aesthetic of the vegetable tanned leather is unparlleled and the patina it develops with use over time cannot be produced any other way. It is also the only way to produce premium leather of desired quality while at the same time respecting our enviroment.

More about Tärnsjö Garveri at www.tarnsjogarveri.com

The leather we use from Tärnsjö Garveri is mostly ”Vegetable Tooling Leather” it ranges from 3 – 3,5mm and is commonly used for interiors and goods from which you desire a long life without tearing such as belts, horse saddlery, furniture and walls. It’s not like the ”Distinct greased feel” leather and thats wy it can feel a little bit stiff before use but when it is used it has been formed after who has been using it. Vegetable Tooling leather has a tear strenght about 200 – 230 N  and this describes the flexibility of the leather by judging how much tear that the material can stand before it’s fiber structure rips. The higher the number, the higher the resistance.


Kero Leather

Kero Leather was founded in 1929 in Sattajärvi, Norrbotten County, Sweden, 80 km north of the Arctic Circle in the middle of the Land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.

Naturally tanned reindeer skin has always been the main product. Naturally tanned or vegetable tanned means that the skin is tanned using vegetable tannins from bark.

More about Kero Leather at www.keroleather.com

The leather we use from Kero Leather is Reindeer for details and padding the Collars, Reindeer is one of the softest natural materials you can have to spare your dogs neck.


Taking care of the Leather

Leather is a natural material. With correct care and maintence premium vegetable tanned leather will age gracefully, developing a beatiful patina with use over time.

General Advice

Exposure to direct sunlight will darken ”blonde” colors and bleach darker colors

Hot, dry air can dry out leather if it is not regularly conditioned

Certain chemicals and detergents can damage the surface of the leather and tarnish the color

How to take care of the leather

Wipe the leather with a soft sponge and lukewarm water, if it is very dirty, use a small soap in the water or the soap soap

Wipe the leather with a soft cloth

Lubricate the leather with leather fat containing beeswax, beeswax “impregnates” the linen thread into the seams and is disposable and dirt repellent

Keep in mind that this process makes your leather softer, the color becomes deeper / darker, but also creates a beautiful patina and this care is crucial for long durability.


Take care of your Leather!