What about Retriever Lead

Both collar and lead – all in one

Retriever Lead is both collar and lead, all in one.

Retriever Leash acts as a loop/lasso, therefore, a strangle function and It’s extra important to know what’s in your hand when you go with your dog in a retriever leash. Note! that it is essential that you never tie your dog (at a tree, fence etc.) in a retriever leash just because it has a strangle function.

Retriever Leash is excellent for use everywhere but are especially appreciated at forest/field walks or at work during hunting, apporting or other work where the dog needs to get loose and be without a collar for safety and not to get caught somewhere.

Keep in mind that a retriever leash requires his hand and dog, it’s no quick fix that the dog is going to walk well. If your dog is pulling in the leash, we first suggest to work with your dog to avoid pulling. If you have some kind of strengle function in the collar/leash and the dog pulls, the oxygen and blood flow reduces to the dog’s head, which in turn causes the dog to panic and pulls even more to get rid of the discomfort.

We have two variants of Retriever Leashes;

HUBERT in vegetable tanned leather of premium quality, round stitched neck with hidden seams, the leash has straps to get a good grip even when the leash gets wet for example in rain.

RETRIEVER LEAD in paracord rope with details of reindeer is a retriever leash to use at Show and Country Game. Easy to put in your pocket and weighs almost nothing.


Keep up the good work with your Dog!